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Brand Focus Gumigeml

All mothers want to look stylish, but in many cases even the idea of wearing jewellery is completely out of the question, especially if your little one is teething. With most jewellery being a potential choking hazard laden with toxins, many mothers simply just do without. But what if your stylish colourful jewellery could actually benefit your baby, by soothing their gums and also helping the two of you bond whilst you carry them? This was a question that Gumigem's designer and Mother Jenny McLaughlan asked herself whilst on maternity leave with her second child in 2010. After her son started to grab at everything the idea suddenly struck her, and Gumigem was born. Now a family run UK business providing a huge range of designs, Gumigem jewellery is made from silicone that is soft,baby stores online, flexible and is BPA,baby safety, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free. Withstanding high temperatures, every piece of Gumigem jewellery can be washed easily in the dishwasher,baby nappies, and even includes a breakaway clasp to stop any sore necks caused by tugging.
Our Products
Here at Daisy Baby we are pleased to make available a huge range of such an innovative product specially designed for Mothers and babies alike. From bangles to necklaces and even Gumigem's very own Bubba Bag, these great products are simply perfect for use everyday. Browse our collection of brilliant Gumigem products here. Gumigem Gumibeads Teething Necklace - Grey/White  
Gumigem - Traditional Heart Necklace - Tealicious  
Gumigem Bubba Teething Bangle - Mocha
For our full range of teething products click here.
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